All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".


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・Snowy Anraku-ji temple
This is Anaraku-ji temple yesterday morning.

Two week ago here was maple leaves's carpet.

Please look at a Entry of "Anraku-ji temple and maple leaves carpet".

I feel transience of season.


One more picture. Another angle↓↓↓


This morning a little snow stayed at shadow area and roof.

I find cars which can't run up slippery slope around philosopher's walk.

The snow accumulates only once or twice a year in Kyoto, it will melt by afternoon.

This is why people in kyoto don't use winter tire.

Please be careful accident becaouse bridges are frozen stiff!
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Special Opening at Anrakuji-temple

Anrakuji-temple usually closed its door to the public except about 20 days a year, but they opens the door and welcome visitors in April 3rd and 4th. They open from 09:30 to 16:30. Entrance fee is 400 yen (about 4 dollars.)

Monk will teach you the origin of the temple and the instruction of Buddha statue they have every 30 minutes at the main building! Wow, what a good chance.

At 10 a.m and 3p.m, they also will teach you the story , using their treasure picture antique rolling book.
They say that they will explain 3 stories and 2 of them will be the ones about Suzumushi and Matsumushi whose story I have written in here.
I guess you'll understand what they say with pictures after you read the story I posted.
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Anrakuji-temple with snow

I took it in December 21st. If you want to see the picture taken in November, the most popular season of "Momiji" whose meaning is red colored maple leaves, please click here to go to Japanese version.
In November the Japanese maple leaves turn a deep-deep red or orange color. Japanese have a strong affection to them. You should come and see our landscape with "Momiji" once in your life.

The origin of Anraku-ji temple is based on a severely sad story back in 13th century; at the begining of the Kamakura period [AD. 1192-1333] It would tell us how strong the suppression against Honen was.
Anrakuji temple was built for a memorial of two monks, Anraku and Juren, the pupils of Honen who was the founder of faith sect, Jyodo Shu.
Jyodo Shu is now a huge sect and has a big religous power. However back in 13th century, people in power and especially resigned Emperor "Gotoba" who actually still had a power in the era didn't want Honen and his disciples to teach all the people an equal salvation against the organized feudalism after a long period of aristocratic rule.
The two disciples, Anraku and Juren, got plea from "Gotoba"'s concubines who were daughters of an aristocrat and minister at that time named "Imadegawa" to enter the faith sect of Amida founded by Honen under the guidance of Anraku and Juren.
Two of diciples finally accepted plea from concubines Suzumushi and Matsumushi, and the sad story began.
Gotoba,the resigned Emperor was looking for the chance to exclude and diminish the growing power of Honen, and this incident was a substantially good one.
Honen was exiled at the age of 75 and both Anraku and Juren were executed in 1207 only for having accepted their plea without Emperor's permission. Suzumushi and Matsumushi committed suicide after all.
For your information, such a severe response to the Buddhist community was very rare in the history of Japan.
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