All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".


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The library serves a cup of Hoji-tea ( roasted green tea).

They calmly serve you a cup of Hoji-tea after you tell a staff where to sit at the entrance. It also tastes great and makes you warm in winter.
You can see what Hoji-tea(cha)is like at IPPODO HP
some explanation of Hoji-cha in English by Official site of IPPODO, the finest Japanese tea shop in Kyoto

On a piece of white paper, a staff writes when you enter and your seat number.

What is great about here・・・・ Can you see how well black desk is taken care of? I love its glossy black color.

Here you can see what private library is like.
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What is Japanese Plum(Ume in Japanese)?
the basic imformation of Japanese Plum
・・・・It is from Japan
The actual ume fruit is more sour than the western plum or apricot, and is usually processed in various ways before eaten.
The most popular processed form is the umeboshi, a sour, pickled plum that is usually enjoyed with cooked rice. The umeboshi has one of the most typical Japanese flavors. Umeshu, a sweet alcoholic beverage made of plums, is also very popular.
This block is quoted from Japan
Most Japanese eat Umeboshi with rice like this. To see it, we can't stop tasting sour as if it were in the mouth.
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A private library where you can be lost in meditation

I took it in February 15th. It was cooooold!

Where・・・・ One minute’s walk to the West from Imadegawa Shirakawa major intersection. It is next to bike shop and right in front of a bus stop "Ginkakujimichi".

How to use・・・・ It is suitable for you to be yourself and absorbed in reading and studying over a cup of coffee or tea served by their staff one by one.

When to visit・・・・ From 11 a.m to 12 midnight.

Their setting・・・・ You can relax yourself at the section partitioned by frosted glass for each person. You can bring and eat food or drink at your section. When you want to eat something smell or something with noise making, it would be better to move to another room called "Rest room".

Remarkable point・・・・ First of all, NON SMOKING. There are none talking and you'll feel pleasant atmosphere. You can be easily absorbed in reading or studying here over a cup of coffee rather than at the coffee shop.

How much・・・・ 250yen within two hours.350yen within 4 hours. 450 yen within 5 hours.

There are various users from high school students to adults who are studying hard and quietly and you would think, "I should study as hard as they are." with their earnest attitudes.
It is two-storied building and have classical furniture well taken care of by the owner.

One thing I want you to do here・・・・ Try to order a cup of coffee or tea at the front and a staff will bring some to your section. This good aromatic coffee is 120 yen. The secret of aromatic coffee they make is that they don't keep finished coffee in the pot. They prepare and pour hot water one by one every time someone orders.
Official HP (in Japanese)
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