All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".


【2005.12.20 Tuesday 】 author : スポンサードリンク
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・Monk of Honen-in temple is burdened with cats.


Byakusadan(白沙壇) in Honen-in temple always wash my heart clean.

But it had often been being ruined for these several months by the cat.

Footmark and deposit of cats,etc.

As sooner as Monk arranges,cats brakes it.(T_T)

Though, I thought that this several week I have not seen that appearance.

Monk introduced a measure!

It is here. ↓↓↓


That' right. A machine of garding cats.

Very eary morning I have a walk,and I found the machine that has not cleared up.


by this oneI think that ultrasonic waves fight off cats.

As for Honen-in Temple, the wild boar and the monkey goes out.they are variously serious. But it proves Honen-in temple has beautiful nature.(^.^)

(posted by ilikewalking) (translated by nori)
【2005.12.18 Sunday 22:05】 author : walking
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Camellia sasanqua at Honen-in temple Nov 18th

I've always been unable to tell Camellia from sasanqua along the path, and I know why now!

I looked up the word "sasanqua", the pink flower in the photo in my dictionary and it says "Camellia sasanqua".
It means that they are almost the same and at least Western world don't have the distinction between these two.

Japanese maple trees are now at their best at Honen in temple.
I saw the elderly going up the street to Honen-in temple in the early morning. It seemed to me that they became breathless while going up.
Honen in opens its gate at the same time of sun rise, so I insist on visiting Honenin first of all before all other temples in Kyoto open. If I were you, I would be in Honenin around 7 o'clock. I bet you can feel silence and get some pure air into your body from holy place.

【2004.11.18 Thursday 20:20】 author : walking
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Nov 14th at Honen-in

It was cloudy all morning though weather forecast said it would be raining.

I want to have Japanese green tea and sweets like today.

【2004.11.14 Sunday 19:41】 author : walking
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Special Opening at Honenin temple

Special opening started from Nov 1st, I should have told it a little earlier.

We can enter inside of the building which we usually can't till 7th.

Entrance Fee is 800yen. (400 yen for junior and high school student)

I've been there last April 1st and I really had a great time.
Why don't you visit Honenin temple if you come to Philosopher's walk this week?
【2004.11.03 Wednesday 22:39】 author : walking
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