All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".
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【2005.12.20 Tuesday 】 author : スポンサードリンク
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Moan, the Japanese style cafe on the top of Yosidayama

Yoshida-yama(See the map of My Kind Of Kyoto) is about 15minutes'walk from Philosopher's walk.
Yoshidayama is to the north of Ginkakuji-temple(See my categoly. "yama" means Mountain in English.

Yoshidayama is almost covered with Yoshida-jinjya and Munetada-jinjya, which once was a part of Yoshida-jinjya.

What is great about Yoshida-yama is rather a hill than a mountain, so you can get to the top easily and there you can take a rest at Japanese style cafe named "Moan". Here is official site in Japanese.

It opens from 11:30〜18:00. Lunch Time 11:30〜14:00
Monday closed,when Monday is a national holiday, Tuesday will be closed.
TEL・FAX/ 075-761-2100

I guess there are lots of young waitress and waiter so you could speak in English to them on the phone if you have any question to ask before visiting.

As you see in the picture, you see Daimonji-yama and Japanese Maple trees if you go up the Yoshida-yama from the east entrance.

East entrance is here in Japanese.

I always have trouble finding Kyoto map in English. If you know good one in English which I can see on the web site, will someone let me know, please?

【2004.11.12 Friday 15:16】 author : walking
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【2005.12.20 Tuesday 15:16】 author : スポンサードリンク
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Beautiful picture. Some maps of Kyoto in English:

Also, your English is definitely getting better. You must be studying!
| tom | 2004/11/18 2:11 PM |
Dear Tom

Thank you for URL of the Map I'm looking for. It really helps me.

It's sometimes a pain in the neck looking up a dictionary and working on my composition to improve the wording, however, as you tell me mine is getting better, my effort is something!
| walking | 2004/11/18 11:45 PM |