All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".
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【2005.12.20 Tuesday 】 author : スポンサードリンク
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Spring water from well at Nashinoki-jinja

The picture shows a few people line up for spring water called "Somei-no-mizu" ("mizu" means water). It is drinkable.

We can pour water into pet bottles brought from our home. Sign says the limit is 6 litters a day. There is a small box for us to put money. It doesn't say how much money we have to put in, but I always put a couple of dollars at a time for 1〜1.5 litters.

Somei-no-mizu is the only one we can still drink in Kyoto city.
There were three famous spring water for its great taste, but now 2 of them are run out.

One is inside a park around Imperial Palace and the other is now rebuilded at famous Japanese-style confection store at Rokujyo-dori in Kyoto city.

Nashinoki-jinja is very close to Imperial Palace, so I recommend you to visit Nashinoki-jinja and have some spring water to moisten your throat.
【2004.11.13 Saturday 14:54】 author : walking
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【2005.12.20 Tuesday 14:54】 author : スポンサードリンク
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