All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".


【2005.12.20 Tuesday 】 author : スポンサードリンク
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Like live coverage of Snowy Nanzen-ji temple. Second"Suirokaku to Nanzen-in"

Suirokaku which flow water from Lake Biwa-ko was lightly dusted with snow too.

I went through Suirokaku.I ran up and peeked at the garden of Nanzen-in temple from lattice door.↓


Houjou's appearance was ↓


Last time see San-mon gate↓


It's funny to compare past entry.

・Nanzen-ji temple fixed-point observation at autumn clour of leaves November 14
【2005.12.20 Tuesday 13:07】 author : walking
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Like live coverage of Snowy Nanzen-ji temple. First"Sanmon gate"
After I saw Philosopher's walk and Honen-in temple,I pass in front of Eikando-temple.

I went way down south and entered Nanzen-ji temple premises.

When I compared Nanzen-ji temple to Ginkaku-ji temple surroundings,I found snow decreased.

I was worried.

In front of Yudohu-Okutan was this condition.↓


I made up my mind in a hurry.

I ran up.

I got Nanzen-ji temple's Sanmon gate.

Ample snow stayed !↓


As always I went go through the gate,I made my way,,,,


There is few people. Only wintry air and squiet.

I looked back on and look up to the gate.↓


First thing I know, it is fine(^o^)丿


It was so cold that right here battery of digital camera ran down.(+_+)

Although I prepared pocket warmer,,,,,

I took pictures while I rub up camera by pocket warmer.

You shoud prepare two pocket warmer for digital camera !

Like live coverage of Snowy Nanzen-ji temple follow up next time.♪

(translated by nori)
【2005.12.19 Monday 21:52】 author : walking
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・Snowy Anraku-ji temple
This is Anaraku-ji temple yesterday morning.

Two week ago here was maple leaves's carpet.

Please look at a Entry of "Anraku-ji temple and maple leaves carpet".

I feel transience of season.


One more picture. Another angle↓↓↓


This morning a little snow stayed at shadow area and roof.

I find cars which can't run up slippery slope around philosopher's walk.

The snow accumulates only once or twice a year in Kyoto, it will melt by afternoon.

This is why people in kyoto don't use winter tire.

Please be careful accident becaouse bridges are frozen stiff!
【2005.12.19 Monday 17:41】 author : walking
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・snowy world Kyoto Philosopher's Walk

This morning as forecast saying it will be sonw ,It is heavy sonw in Kyoto.

Immediately I got up early and took a walk.

I eagerly visted philosoher's walk ⇒Honen-in temple ⇒Anraku-ji temple ⇒Reikan-ji temple ⇒ Eikando temple ⇒Nanzen-ji temple ⇒Heian-jingu shrine ⇒Shinnyo-do temple.

Snow on the road is melting a little in front of my home.But Snow stays on philosohper's walk.because philosopher's walk is hidden behind Mt.Higashiyama.

Please look at other photoes↓↓↓


This point is not perfect for a picture at all times, but today good vibes.


Here is spot from which we see beatiful sunset and Koun-ji temple all along.↓


Finally one more picture↓


Next go-round Let's go to snowy Honen-in temple.♪
【2005.12.18 Sunday 22:28】 author : walking
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