All about a beautiful path in Kyoto with cherry trees along canal like a stream from Lake Biwa. You can enjoy Japanese great landscape when walking on the path called "Philosopher's Walk".


【2005.12.20 Tuesday 】 author : スポンサードリンク
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The sky that I can feel fall coming

I went to the park surrounding Imperial Palace.
Peple sit and read on the benches here and there, and most of the benches are taken.

You don't have to warry whether you can have a seat if you bring your own sheet to enjoy on the grass.

It is great to read outside in the afternoon now, but it gets cold when night comes.

After October comes, more and more visitors are coming and Ginkakuji-temple and philosopher's walk is crowded.

You might need to stand the crowed of the sightseeing places you visit.
【2004.10.20 Wednesday 18:05】 author : walking
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Yoshida shrine is famous for a festival in Feb ★★

Yoshida shrine is famous for festival in February. I'll explain it later.

Red architectures you see in my photo is called Tori-i. You see it as a gate of the Shrine. They are painted with red because they say color red stands for power of live and hope for the good.

Fushimi-inari Shrine is very very famous for its beauty of a great number of Tori-i called thousand- Torii.
You can see them →here

Map for Fushimi-inari →It is the South of JR Kyoto Station, and is very close to the Station Fushimi, Nara Line of JR.
I think these Torii here at Yoshida Shrine is also something you should see!
I took it last Saturday when walking around Yoshida mountain and shrine.

Mt.Yoshida is not really a mountain you have to climb hard. It is rather a hill. It only takes you 15 minutes to get to the top. Except the season of big festival, there are few people there. You can enjoy walking in silence.

I modified the map from this in My kind of Kyoto, the great HP→Higashiyama area
【2004.03.15 Monday 21:00】 author : walking
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Kamogawa River near Nijyo Bridge
However great Philosopher’s Walk is, and it is my main theme on the blog, the light from sun light in the morning doesn’t reach the path and it is rather dark in winter because it is located the very food of Higashiyama mountain. So really, I sometimes want to be in the place where the sun is shining and I can see nothing but broad view.

Kamo River is broad and bright for winter in Kyoto. I feel refreshed! ! I love Kamo river!

Map→ Kamogawa River I took the photo from the brigde located to the South of Marutamachi St (along the river).
【2004.03.13 Saturday 11:00】 author : walking
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Illumination Event from3/12 to 3/21

Kyoto city holds the big event Illumination Hana-Touro, from March 12th to 21st.
They lit candles at 6 p.m till 9:30.
PDF file in English

 If you wear Kimono, fee for city bus, subway, and entrance fee of Nijyo castle, Murin-an, Museums are all free!

I recommend the area from Chion-in to Shoren-in because you won’t feel crowded with thousands of visitors and both of temples have great atmosphere and features.

HP of photos in this event last

・Shoren-in Official HP. It has English version.
・Photos of Chion-in here

The event in 2004 is the second. It only started last year.

【2004.03.13 Saturday 01:00】 author : walking
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